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Todays Date : 01/21/2021

The Polish zloty, symbol zt, code PLN, (plural zlotys), is the official currency of the country of Poland. The zloty is subdivided into 100 groszy, gr, (singular: grosz), and is derived from the original Polish word’s meaning of “golden.” The zloty is managed by the National Bank of Poland in Warsaw. 

The zloty unit of currency has been in circulation right from the Middle Ages. At the time currencies from Venice and Hungary was circulated in the country till the national monetary unit was created in the year 1496. King Stanislaw Poniatowski ultimately declared the zloty the official currency of Poland. There have since been four issues of the Polish zloty. The 1990s saw massive inflationary rates in Poland, and the zloty underwent a redenomination in 1995, with new zloty introduced at a rate of 10,000 old to 1 new zloty. In future, the polish currency will be abandoned in favor of the euro provided the required economic and financial stability criteria of the Eurozone are reached. 

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Currency Quick Facts

Name: Polish zloty (plural: zlotys)

Symbol: zt

Code: PLN

Decimal Unit: 100 groszy (singular: grosz)

Nicknames: none

Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 gr; 1, 2, 5,zt

Notes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200zt

Central Bank:  National Bank of Poland

Country(ies): Poland

Currency Characteristics

The current denominations of Polish coins include 1 gr, 2 gr, 5 gr 10 gr, 20 gr and 50 gr along with 1 and 5 zloty coins. The Polish banknotes come in the denominations 10 zloty, 20 zloty, 50 zloty, 100 zloty and 200 zloty notes. All banknotes are printed in different colors, with famous Polish figures appearing on the obverse of all notes. 

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